Potential Tropical Cyclone 9

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG) - The National Hurricane Center has expects the area of disturbed weather in the SE Bahamas to become a tropical storm in the next couple days. As a result they are issuing advisories on Potential Tropical Cyclone 9.

There remains a lot of uncertainty with the system although more models are hinting at more of an Atlantic/east coast of Florida impact than the Gulf like they were yesterday. That being said the Gulf is still not out of the question and as a result the panhandle needs to pay close attention. The difference between the GFS (Gulf) and the Euro (east coast) means huge difference in what we will see. A Gulf scenario means a very wet Sunday/Monday while an east coast solution would make it hot and dry this weekend here.

The Hurricane Hunters are expected to investigate the system tonight and that data will be important to getting a better handle on where 'Humberto' could go and what our weekend will look like.

Stay tuned...

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