Donation gives students a chance to Christmas shop

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Seventeen Vernon High School students took to the aisles of the Chipley Walmart Friday morning for some Christmas shopping.

Thanks to a donation from a Washington County family, these students were able to purchase gifts for themselves and their family members.

"We had $150. Fifty dollars to spend on ourselves for whatever we wanted and then $100 to spend on things we needed in our house," one student said.

Students bought everything from clothing, to jewelry, to fruit.

"We did set some criteria, knowing how high school students can be, so that needed to exclude of course mature rated games and explicit music and movies," Vernon High School principal Brian Riviere said.

Many shopping carts were filled with food, toiletries, and other home needs.

"To me, that's as selfless as it can come, coming from a student when they're using that money that was allocated for them to go for needs in their own home," Riviere said.

School officials said the family who donated to Vernon High School also donated to the other five schools in Washington County.