Dry cleaning customers hung out to dry

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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Some area residents say their dry cleaning service is doing them dirty, as one local business closes its doors without notice, leaving its customers wondering where their things are.

Pros4Clothes shut it's doors earlier this week on four of their dry cleaning locations: Inlet Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach and Destin.

As customers come to try and pick up their dry cleaning, they are being turned away and routed to alternate phone numbers.

As of now, many of the customers and their property are left in limbo.

"I looked at the door and there is a posting on the door with an eviction notice saying they owe $30-thousand worth of rent and everything is locked up," said Debbie Rackard who has been trying to pick up her husband's clothing. "So I have no idea if my clothes are actually in that warehouse/plant that they are saying they are or where they are. Or if they are at Salvation Army or something at this point."

We reached out to the property owners and leasing agencies for these locations, who say they are in the process of returning the property to it's owners.

"I don' really know what to do. I've called the police, I've called Channel 7 News, I've talked to the owner of Destin Cleaners who seems like a great guy trying to do the right thing and help us, but at this point, I don't know where my husband's clothes are," Rackard added.

Customers say they were told due to some legal procedures, the Santa Rosa Beach location will not release anything until the eviction has gone to term.

"You take your clothes to the dry cleaners and you expect that you show up with your ticket and you get them four days, three days later or whatever. You don't expect them to have vanished. Literally, there is nothing in the building, it's gone, so you don't know where to turn," said Rackard.

Destin Cleaners' owner Dan Dean said he is in the process of leasing these abandoned locations and is working his due diligence to reunite customers with their items.

Dean said he is confident that these issues will be resolved by the end of the week.

Property owner of the Crossing II at Inlet Beach, Jon Freer, also said he is in the process of contacting all customers from that location to come pick up their items.

If you have unclaimed items at any of the Pros4Clothes locations you can contact:

Inlet Beach: Jon Freer - (770) 634-5720

Santa Rosa Beach (393 location)/Destin: Brian Dean with Legendary - (850) 337-8000

Miramar Beach (Grand Boulevard): Bill Bubel with the Howard Group - -(850) 837-3099 ext. 023