FDOT officials plan to make barrier permanent at dangerous PCB intersection

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The intersection on Back Beach Road near businesses like Home Depot and Friday's has been the site of many vehicle accidents recently.

One dangerous intersection in Panama City Beach has locals concerned and transportation officials are looking to fix it. (WJHG/WECP)

"There were so many wrecks and it seemed like every day there was a wreck," said Panama City Beach Resident Beth Bradshaw.

"It's essentially six lanes of traffic that you have to cross sometimes. If you're headed in one direction or the other there are a lot of blind spots there," said Panama City Beach Resident Christina Faranda.

Faranda and her daughter were T-boned in a crash at the intersection in 2018.

"I was struck there, I know other people in our neighborhood who were struck there. I would have people taking pictures of crashes while they were there," said Faranda.

Florida Department of Transportation Officials say after Hurricane Michael there was an increase in traffic on the beach which caused an increase in accidents in that area. Ever since they put barricades up in April and closed that section off, there have been no accidents.

That's why FDOT officials want to make it a permanent solution. Tuesday, officials held a meeting to tell locals about their plan and get public input.

"I'm glad with the outcome. I know it's going to take even a little more time than where we are now but I believe it's all going to pan out," said Faranda.

"I think it will help. We need more, but it's a start," said Bradshaw.

On Tuesday, locals also shared their ideas and suggestions like improving the intersection between Richard Jackson Boulevard and Back Beach Road.

Officials say they plan to have their study analysis on the intersection completed by November and plan to have the entire project done next year.

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