FEMA reimbursement continues 10 months following Hurricane Michael

FEMA recently awarded $2.7M to the state of Florida to assist cities, businesses and other entities across the panhandle recover from Hurricane Michael. (MGN)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (PRESS RELEASE) - FEMA has approved $2,763,049 to the State of Florida to assist 21 eligible applicants with reimbursement for eligible costs of debris removal, emergency protective measures, management costs and permanent repairs for Hurricane Michael under FEMA’s Public Assistance Program.

FEMA’s Public Assistance grant program is an essential source of funding for communities recovering from a federally declared disaster or emergency. Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) works with FEMA during all phases of the PA program and reviews these projects prior to FEMA final approval.

As of Aug. 15, 2019, the awards are:

• Chipola College – $981,168 for debris removal
• City of Apalachicola – $72,913 to replace damaged road signs throughout city
• City of Chipley – $120,576 for emergency protective measures
• City of Lynn Haven – $499,930 for management costs
• City of Marianna – $4,425 to replace fencing and access gate in front of municipal airport terminal
• City of Monticello – $2,171 for management costs
• City of Quincy – $3,723 for repairs to restroom building at running/walking track
• Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Sciences – $463,949 for debris removal
• Gadsden District Schools – $209,401 for repairs at Walker Administration Building and repairs to ball field, track, bleachers and playground at Greensboro Elementary, ball field at Carter Parramore Academy, handball/tennis/basketball courts at Havana Magnet School and ball field, dugouts and bleachers at West Gadsden Middle School
• Hiland Park United Methodist Church in Panama City – $34,694 for repairs to church and replacement of its contents
• Leon County – $18,242 for repairs to the pavilion, picnic tables and fencing at J. Lee Vause Park
• Leon County School Board – $53,275 to replace fencing around baseball field at Buck Lake Elementary and replace signs at Apalachee Elementary, Lively Technical Center and Lincoln and Rickards High Schools; and for repairs to grounds at 13 campuses including Astoria Park, Gilchrist, Hawks Rise, Roberts, Sabal Palm and Springwood Elementary Schools; Chiles, Godby, Leon and Lincoln High Schools; and Heritage Trails Community School, Success Academy at Ghazvini Learning Center and Wesson Early Child Center.
• Okaloosa County – $120,260 for emergency protective measures
• Panama City Housing Authority – $66,111 for debris removal
• Taylor County – $22,722 to replace navigational beacon in Aucilla River
• Town of Alford – $38,169 for repairs to damaged culverts, emergency protective measures and repairs to community center, restrooms and concession stand at Donald Smith Park, as well as to replace the center’s contents
• Town of Altha – $4,085 for repairs to water distribution system
• Town of Esto – $4,582 for repairs to 6th Avenue South
• Walton County – $32,372 for repairs to Bayside Ranchettes Park
• Washington County School Board – $4,768 to replace perimeter fencing and three gates at Vernon Elementary School
• Zion Hope Baptist Church in Panama City – $5,513 for management costs

Once a project is obligated by FEMA, FDEM works closely with the applicant to finalize the grant and to begin making payments. FDEM has implemented new procedures designed to ensure grant funding is provided to local communities as quickly as possible.

FEMA has numerous other projects that have been identified under the Public Assistance program for Hurricane Michael and is working extensively with all applicants. The timeline for other projects being obligated depends on the complexity of the projects, collection of supporting documentation by the applicants, environmental and historical laws, regulations and other concerns.

Applicants provide FEMA with thorough documentation to support damage claims. Following approvals by FDEM and FEMA, FEMA obligates funding for the project.

To date, FEMA has obligated a total of nearly $239 million in federal funding for Public Assistance projects related to Hurricane Michael in Florida.