FSU president tells students to stay home

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOLS NEWS SERVICE) - Following President Trump's executive order banning travelers from seven middle eastern countries, the president of Florida State University is urging faculty, staff, and students from these countries not to travel abroad.

FSU President John Thrasher posted a message on the university's website Sunday afternoon. In it, he says the travel ban is causing confusion, uncertainty, disruption, and worry among students.

"Well, it's a concern. It's a concern to international students, and people from other countries and faculty members and all that," he said.

The message was posted as several hundred people were marching to the capitol to protest the travel ban.

Protestor Aamir Hassan explained, "We're fearful, so we have to make plans to avoid worst case scenario."

One of FSU's biggest concerns is the 2,000 people who use the National High Magnetic Field Lab. They're worried they won't be able to come and go.

The ban could also disrupt studies at the joint FSU/FAMU engineering school, where one student, Yuaus Akinona, told us that someone with a criminal record should be scrutinized, but, "People who are schooling here from other countries, they can't go home. It didn't go down well with me."

FSU says only about 60 students could be impacted, and at least one student has been affected.

"[The student] apparently was traveling in January, and is stuck somewhere and can't get back. It was a graduate student," Thrasher said.

Thrasher also says those students impacted are involved in vitally important work that enriches the university.

He also says the order has caused more angst among faculty and students than any real travel delays yet, but it could impact travel for many during spring break.