Familiar and new faces in local government after municipal elections

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Municipal elections have come and gone and while some are stepping into new roles, Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki is retaining his.

He says he'll continue to fight for state and federal disaster relief money after Hurricane Michael.

"You want to change the perception that we're not getting help? Give us some help. Provide what we need," said Brudnicki, "We need to have enough people in Tallahassee to say, 'Here is the number of people who are displaced, here's the amount of funding it's going to take to get some housing going, let's make it happen.'"

Those stepping into new roles are Brandon Aldridge and Pat Perno, two local business owners who are taking over Lynn Haven City Commission seats 1 and 2 respectively. The newcomers say they're looking forward to a positive future for the city.

Perno said he wishes to, "Make things come back to life in a good way in Lynn Haven. We want to rebuild city hall, we want to rebuild the police department, we want to rebuild the senior center. The next for years pretty much predict the next 40 years."

Commissioner Aldridge wants to focus on new utilities saying, "After going through the storm and seeing all the power trucks, I think me and a lot of the other citizens thought, 'If we had underground utilities we wouldn't need an army of power trucks.' We'd be able to work on the substations and get things corrected. So I want to work on that and maybe do a feasibility study on a 15-year plan."

The new commissioners say they want to keep Lynn Haven in a positive light moving forward.

Nobody received a majority in the Panama City Commission Ward 2 race, so they'll hold a runoff election on May 21 between Kenneth Brown and Toni Shamplain.