Florida gas prices rise to year-high, Panama City among cheapest

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The average price of gas rose eight cents a gallon in Florida this past week, which was the highest it's been all year. However, gas prices in Panama City are some of the lowest in the state.

According to AAA, Florida drivers are paying an average price of $2.79 a gallon, which is nearly 20 cents higher than last month. They're saying higher demand is the main reason.

"Generally gets around March, April, May, June; Summertime they get generally high," said Bay County Resident Danny Griffin.

In November, Panama City had some of the highest gas prices in the state at $2.82 a gallon, but now Panama City's gas prices are among the lowest in Florida at $2.73.

"I'm just glad we have gasoline. There was a time we didn't have gasoline so we're good with that," said Bay County Resident Deanne Wright.

"I was glad to hear that they're the lowest in the state because again it was the highest in the state but I didn't realize," said Griffin.

Despite having some of the lowest prices in the state, some locals say the prices are still pretty high.

"You go to Alabama and it's a lot cheaper and I don't know why that is either. It's a different state, different taxes," said Wright.

"It is that way every year and you've got a lot of people traveling the area which is good with all these tourist coming in and everything," said Griffin. "It's not good for our residents who are struggling to get by."

So far, the state average climbed up 68 cents a gallon this year, but AAA officials believe average gas prices overall in the U.S. This summer should be lower than last summer.