Franklin makes adjustments to handle illegal parking near beaches

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) With Memorial Day weekend coming up, the Franklin County Sheriff's Department is expecting large numbers of tourists to flock to the beaches.

The Franklin County Commission gave wreckers in Franklin County the freedom to tow illegally parked cars as long as they send a picture of the illegal park to the Sheriff's department. 9WJH/WECP)

Reflecting on the illegal parking problem they had last weekend at the beaches, Franklin County Sheriff, A.J. Smith went to the Franklin County commission meeting and was pleased with the liberty that was given to wrecker companies to tow cars parked illegally.

“If they're driving on Alligator Drive, and they see a car that is illegally parked, they can tow it without us being there. All they have to do is take a photograph of it, and notify the Sheriff's office that it has been towed within 30 minutes, so that will free us up a little bit,” said Smith.

Sheriff Smith says he is happy with this statute change so that the sheriff's office can use resources more efficiently for other needs in the county. He is hoping in the near future that towing companies will be given the authority to boot cars instead of tow, so they can save even more time.

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