Friday Forecast

Good Friday morning everyone!

Meteorologist Ryan Michaels says our Friday is going to be filled with sunshine and lower humidity!

It's a quiet start on radar with clear skies overhead...Lose the umbrellas and grab the shades as we've got a beautiful day on hand ahead! I can't wait for you to step outside this morning and feel the refreshing lack of humidity in the air. This is a treat for this time of year, so find ways to enjoy it!

Temperatures are in the 60s widespread over the Panhandle and even upper 50s in some spots inland...which may require a light jacket for early morning commuters before 8am. We'll see plenty of sunshine to warm us up quickly through the morning drive. I recommend rolling down the windows on the way in and soaking up this beautiful morning! We'll still have some toasty temps coming our way into the afternoon as highs top out in the upper 80s on the coast to low 90s inland. However, it'll be a very tolerable heat as humidity remains low throughout the day today. You may feel a little bit of that humidity returning on the beaches late in the day and into the evening as the sea breeze starts to pump back in more moisture late in the day today on the coast.

High pressure is moving into and helping to bring us some beautiful sunshine today and into the majority of the weekend ahead. But as it slides off to the east tonight and into tomorrow, we'll see our winds starting to shift a bit more east to southeasterly. That will spell a return of the humidity to more of the Panhandle, after what will be one more less humid start to the day tomorrow for most away from the coast.

As we build back in some moisture, and keep those warm afternoons in place, we'll be able to create a few stray pop up showers. They'll be spotty and small in nature,only a 10-20% chance, and nothing that will ruin any of your plans. But perhaps create a little break from whatever your doing outside for 15-30min or so.

So all plans for taking pops outdoors this weekend are a go!

Bottom Line...
For today, abundant sunshine with a wonderful less humid while still warm in the afternoon near 90°. Your 7 Day Forecast keeps us running with mostly sunny skies both Saturday and Sunday and as the humidity returns we'll see a small spotty shower chance returning as well. But nothing to ruin any outdoor plans over with Dad!

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