Friday Forecast

Good Friday morning everyone!

Meteorologist Ryan Michaels, Jessica Foster, and Paris Janos discussing this morning's weather.

Skies are fairly quiet this morning with most of the activity out in the Gulf and just a few clouds cruising our skies early on. We'll have a chance for a few of those Gulf showers or thunderstorms reach the coast later this morning.

Otherwise, after a midday storm on the coast, most of the storms head inland for the rest of the day. Temperatures are pleasantly mild this morning out the door with many in the mid 70s and still with lower humidity. It'll still get hot this afternoon, especially on the coast where a bit more humidity will move in for the afternoon behind the sea breeze front. However, due to the expected scattered showers and thunderstorms moving in, we should be able to limit our daytime heating and only see highs in the uppe r80s on the coast to low 90s inland. So feels like temperatures will only reach the mid 90s this afternoon.

High pressure is sliding out to the west for a few days heading into the weekend and that will allow for a bit more of a robust sea breeze or daytime heating morning and afternoon round of storms to develop. We'll expect to see a flare up of some morning scattered coastal showers Saturday and Sunday, followed up by an afternoon round of scattered storms inland. While there will be rain chances over the weekend, I think they'll only last in one location for an hour max before skies clear out.

Temperatures return to seasonal highs over the weekend in the upper 80s on the coast to low 90s inland. However, next week the heat cranks back up with low 90s on the coast to upper 90s inland by Tuesday.

Bottom Line...
For today, mostly to partly sunny skies with a late morning or midday storm on the coast moving inland into the afternoon. Highs today reach the upper 80s on the coast to low 90s inland. Your 7 Day Forecast has a very summery weekend ahead with a morning or midday storm possible on the coast and then the sea breeze front pushes the storms inland into the afternoon. It's not a washout of a weekend with scattered storms expected for about half of the Panhandle and only lasting an hour in any one location for those who see it.