Friday Forecast

Good Friday morning everyone and TGIF!

Meteorologist Ryan Michaels showing this morning's cold start!

It's a quiet start over NWFL as we see yesterday's cold front stirring up some storms across the Florida Peninsula and a few spotty showers up into South Alabama this morning. Our skies are clearing on satellite and after just a few clouds around sunrise, we'll have plenty of sunshine to look forward to. But bundle up for it!

Temperatures are much colder outside this morning as inland areas are reaching the 30s to low to mid 40s on the coast. And you've probably heard the winds outside your house as they're still blowing this morning from the northwest drawing in the colder temps and also bringing in a wind chill! It's feeling like it's near freezing in many locations this morning as that cold air blows on your exposed skin. So dress warmly and try to cover up your exposed skin as best as possible for the early morning.

The good news is plenty of sunshine will move in as high pressure from the Western Gulf builds in behind yesterday's cold front. We'll see a couple things happen as the ridge moves in from the west.

The first will be a chilly day as clockwise winds around the area of high pressure continue to draw in colder air from the Northwest. So despite sunshine in the forecast today, we won't see highs get much warmer than the mid 50s this afternoon.

The second will come as the day unfolds and the ridge gets closer as high pressure not only brings clockwise winds, but also much calmer winds. So while we will have a cold north breeze really blowing in the early morning hours at 15-25mph with gusts up to 30, we'll see it back off to a slight breeze by the afternoon at 10-20mph and then eventually down to a light and variable wind by tonight.

As high pressure builds in for the weekend we can expect more sunshine to follow with mainly sunny skies on Saturday to mostly sunny on Sunday. Temperatures will be chilly in the mornings with 30s and 40s expected Saturday to mainly 40s on Sunday morning. The sunshine brings a warm up into our afternoons with very seasonal feels in the mid to upper 60s.

Bottom Line...
For today, mainly sunny skies, cold and windy in the morning with northwesterly winds at 15-25mph with gusts up to 30. Sunshine persists today but the winds slowly back down to 10-20 in the afternoon turning calm tonight. Highs today only reach the mid 50s. Your 7 Day Forecast brings in a beautiful weekend ahead with mainly to mostly sunny skies, chilly mornings, but seasonal afternoons.

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