Friday Forecast

Good Friday morning everyone and TGIF!

Meteorologist Ryan Michaels says the winds remain breezy in NWFL today.

It's a much quieter start on radar this morning but we're still stuck with thick cloud cover early on this morning. The good news is we'll gradually see those clouds peel away to the south through the day, and get some sunshine for the afternoon. But be sure to dress warmly out the door!

It's a downright return to winter in NWFL this morning with widespread 40s out the door and feels like temperatures in the 30s thanks to a stiff breeze. A good winter jacket will help battle the cold breeze this morning, and you may want to keep it handy through the day ahead as temperatures remain pretty chilly! Despite sunshine returning to our skies this afternoon, we'll only manage to warm up into the mid to upper 50s across the Panhandle today.

The breezy northerly winds will back off a bit heading into the evening, yet remain out of the north. With clear skies and cool northerly flow, we'll see a very cold night and start to our weekend with lows tonight reaching the widespread 30s. There's a decent chance that folks north of Hwy20 tonight could see a light freeze. So if you've got flowering bushes you'd like to protect, maybe cover them up or bring them inside if potted.

The good news is plenty of sunshine heads our way for Saturday, but it will remain overall seasonally chilly. Highs touch of 60° for about an hour in the afternoon on Saturday under the sunshine.

Clear skies and light northerly winds will once again return temperatures into the 30s for Sunday morning with a chance again at a light freeze for those north of Hwy20. With more sunshine to start our Sunday and just a few clouds returning throughout the day, we'll be able to rebound our temperatures to a more seasonal feel in the afternoon as highs reach the mid to upper 60s.

Bottom Line...
For today, cloudy skies decrease to mainly sunshine in the afternoon with cold and breezy northerly winds. Highs today only reach the mid to upper 50s. Your 7 Day Forecast brings in some cold mornings for Saturday and Sunday with a light freeze possible inland but plenty of sunshine to enjoy through the days.

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