Great Create event brings hope through creativity

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Floriopolis hosted the Great Create event as a way to help the community get creative in the rebuilding process after Hurricane Michael.

Heather Parker, Creative Director for Floriopolis, said, "Everybody gets to create the life that they want and create the landscape that they want, and the lifestyle that they want to live, and if all of us put forth a little effort into that we're ultimately going to create the town that we want."

The weekend-long event included all types of art from watercolor to pottery. The activities provided a welcome distraction from the disorder of everyday life after the storm.

"It's very therapeutic and it's therapy that you don't know you're actively participating in so you're turning your thoughts inward while you're painting or while you're strumming your guitar and you're not only bringing joy to yourself or feeling successful but you're also doing some healing things," said Parker.

The community came together to enjoy the music and get crafty.

Chandra Hartman, Shop Owner of Wild Root, said, "People need support...people are really in a bad way right now just emotionally, mentally, and struggling, so something like this brings some happiness into people's lives and just brings that sense of community together."

Locals said they were happy to have an event like this one.

Linda Artman, Contributor of the book 'In the Eye of the Storm', said, "I'm so glad Heather put this together because it's been an important part of the healing process and that connection with other people."

Painting a way to a brighter future for the area.