Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center 100% open

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center in Panama City is up and running at 100 percent. Hurricane Michael left parts of the hospital in a crumpled heap, but three months later the facility has made quite the recovery.

Homes and businesses took a huge hit from Hurricane Michael, including local medical facilities.

"Inside the building we had numerous incidents of water coming in, windows shattered," said Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Brad Griffin.

Griffin and other staff members rode out the storm in the hospital.

"You could feel the wind in the building and the pressure changing in the building," said Griffin.

The hospital sustained major damage from the storm but after nearly three months of working with contractors repairs are done faster than Griffin expected.

"If you were to ask me if I thought we would have it up in running by the first part of January, I would have thought no way, because I thought there was a lot more work to be done," said Griffin.

For staff and patients, Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center is back in action. Griffin said the facility now has 220 beds available for patients, which puts them back to where they were before the storm.

"Seeing our staff here, seeing the physicians back in the building, welcoming our patients back inside the facility, being able to take care of them and everybody seems very upbeat," said Griffin. "Very happy to be back to a little bit of normal," said Griffin.

Griffin said since the inside is fully restored, the construction is now focused on the outside of the building. He said majority of the services at the hospital are back online and they plan to add more beds to the facility.