How the elderly can stay safe in the heat

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP)- Beth Coulliette, the Executive Director, Bay County Council on Aging says that “Statistics show that more elderly people die from the effects of heat then from the effects of cold”.

How to cope with the heat. (WJHG/WECP)

With the heat index expected to stay in the triple digits many are at risk for heat related illnesses, but one group that is especially vulnerable is the elderly.

Coulliette says “Many of them have medications that they take or illnesses that they have that make them more vulnerable to things like heat exhausted and heat stroke”.

There are some tips to help beat the heat like drinking plenty of fluids and staying in a cool place, but another important tip is to just look out for each other.

Coulliette says that “We just want them to check on each other, take care of themselves, and let somebody know if they are feeling exhausted just confused, dizzy, all of those things can be caused by the heat.”

The Bay County Council on Aging provides fans to those registered with the center, they also have many senior centers open in multiple locations that is a way to escape the heat, and they have a program that can help update a home’s insulation.

Coulliette says “If people just need some extra insulation things like that and if they qualify by family income, and the home qualifies we can do some things to help them stay cool”.

While they cant help fix roof’s after the hurricane, they help make cooling the home more cost efficient.

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