Large great white shark being tracked through the Gulf of Mexico

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A large female great white shark is moving through the Gulf of Mexico and could head closer to the northern Gulf Coast.

Ocsearch tracks sharks like Savannah for research purposes.

According to the organization, Savannah is eight and a half feet long and weights 460 pounds.

She was located off the Tampa Bay coastline Wednesday after getting tagged in March 2017 near Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Local "Shark Doctor" and research fishery biologist Dr. John Carlson says we have no reason to be alarmed.

"When I first heard about a white shark being seen off the Tampa Bay area I wasn't surprised at all," Carlson said. "This is something we see every winter where white sharks generally move up the west coast of Florida up into the Northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. I would not be surprised if she was spotted off the Panhandle."

Dr. Carlson says don't swim in areas with poor water visibility or if you see a lot of bait fish because you could be mistaken for their prey.

To see all the sharks Ocsearch is watching, including Savannah's location, click the attached link.