Lawmaker urges Governor to study violence in minority communities

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - State Representative Shevrin Jones says violence in minority black and brown communities has been overlooked in the rush to make schools safer after the Parkland massacre.

Jones is asking Governor Ron DeSantis to set up a commission, much like what was set up after the school shooting, to study the problem. He says the violence in their neighborhoods is having a traumatic effect on the kids who live there.

“You have children who are looking at homicides on their streets and are going to school with that same visualization in their minds on a daily basis, especially in the minority community. So they are leaving school and walking by the blood on the street that they just saw the night before. That’s trauma, and these are the things that need to be addressed,” said Jones.

Jones says the problem was around long before Parkland, but it was the response that he says was the conversation starter for minority communities.