Locals share their predictions on Monday's National Championship Game

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - We are just three days out from this year's national championship game between Clemson and Alabama.

This is a rematch of the title game won by the Tide last season 45-40.

Alabama's favored to win by a touchdown, but a lot of folks seem to think this is Clemson's year. In a not-so scientific poll, we went out to see what locals thought about this championship rematch.

It's the team that hasn't won a national title since 1981, against one that's aiming for its fifth championship in eight seasons.

We are down to the final game of the college football season, the National Championship. I hit the streets to see if you have Clemson as the winner or Alabama.

"I got Alabama, Roll Tide," Jaye Chapman said. "I just think they're the better team."

"I do think that the Tide from Alabama is definitely going to roll over Clemson for sure," B. Cody Shields said.

"Alabama by 10," William Shields said.

"I predict Clemson. I just want them to win more badly," a Clemson fan said.

"I have Clemson winning because I'm tired of hearing Roll Tide," Jermaine Smith said.

"The quarterback for Alabama's never played in a national championship," Clemson supporter said. "And being a rookie, Clemson got it."

"I think Clemson goes into the game wondering if they can beat Alabama, but Alabama goes into the game knowing that they can beat Clemson," William Shields said.

The Crimson Tide has had the best rushing defense this season allowing just 62 yards per game, so will Clemson be able to run the ball against Alabama?

"I feel that Alabama's defensive line can stop their running game but I don't know about the passing game," Smith said.

"It's going to be a defense game all together," a Clemson supporter said. "It's going to be one against the other. Alabama's only mainly running the ball, and then Clemson's going to have to go up to that."

"If Deshaun Watson stays as hot as he has, it's going to be tough to put that out," B. Cody Shields said. "I do think that we are strong enough to be able to put out that fire."

We asked locals if Alabama's offensive line can handle Clemson's defensive front?

"Alabama does not like a quarterback that moves around," Daniel McGill said. "Johnny Manziel, everybody remember him? He gave them a lot of trouble, and I think Deshaun Watson will do the same thing."

So the question is, can the Tide contain Deshaun Watson?

"Deshaun Watson is a handful as he has proved all year long, but Alabama's defense is number one in the country," Mike Walker said. "I think they will put a stop to the big plays."

"We know that Clemson's quarterback can beat us, but we don't know if Jalen can beat them," William Shields said.

Time will only tell. Clemson and Alabama kick off Monday at 7 central. Tide favored by a touchdown.