Greenwood hoping to help local grocery store rebuild after fire

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GREENWOOD, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - For decades, the Greenwood Super Market was a place where locals shopped for fresh produce and other food and supplies. However after a fire torched their building in November, shoppers had to go elsewhere for their goods.

Tuesday, dozens packed the Greenwood town hall urging town council members to help a family-owned grocery store get their cash registers ringing again.

“There are infinite grants if the city would apply for them to help them build this grocery store,” explained Greenwood resident James Swafford.

“That’s where the fire started,” said former Greenwood Supermarket Manager Tiffany Money.

Money said it's been six months since the fire gutted the market.

“It was a chemical reaction fire, from the towels used in our deli and used cooking oil,” said Money.

Money said the building they leased is a total loss, and it will cost them $800,000 to build a new store in a new location.

Locals say the store was the only nearby place they could shop.

“This is the only store that any of our 80 percent who are elderly, 80 percent under poverty, can actually get a hot meal and groceries,” said Greenwood resident Missy Harcus.

Locals say the next closest food store is about ten or more miles away.

During Tuesday evening's town hall, council members informed the public how difficult grant money is to secure but were willing to work with them to find ways to get the money needed to rebuild.

“The town wants to see the grocery store come back as much as anybody. We know that the local people are having a hard time getting to the stores,” said Greenwood Town Hall Council Chair Mamie Vann.

The council says they'll search for grants for the grocery store and review suggestion by the community.

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