Bay County Long-Term Recovery Task Force sees first draft of full recovery plan

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - After months of meetings and more than 300 projects submitted, the Bay County Long-Term Recovery Task Force is nailing down a final plan.

At the task force meeting Thursday the first draft of the full recovery plan was presented to its members.

The plan broke down the damage done from hurricane Michael by the numbers. It also presented projects to better Bay County from all six branches of the task force which included housing and infrastructure, as well as health and social services.

Task force members say they’re glad to have a plan nailed down so they can begin to make progress towards recovery.

Robert Carroll, the Task Force Chairman said, “Everybody has sweat into this, it’s good to see our community come together and provide input. Because it is six branches, it’s all divisions of life. It’s good to have one document to go to different sources, state and federal, to seek the funding that we desperately need.”

The first draft will be available to task force leaders over the weekend and they’ll have around a week to look over it.

After the initial feedback from task members and stakeholders, they plan to make it available to the public for their input.