Man dies from injuries, search for crash and stolen vehicle suspect

A Georgia man died from injuries from a car crash earlier this month. (MGN)

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A man has died from his injuries from a crash earlier this month. Now Panama City Beach Police are searching for the suspect who they said ran away from the scene.

Police say on May 4th, Alan Groth, 78, of Smyrna, Georgia, was involved in a four vehicle rear-end crash at the area of Back Beach Road and East Gulf Boulevard. Groth was taken to a local hospital and treated for what was believed to be non-life threatening injuries. Groth was released but a few days later went to a hospital in his hometown. Police say doctors found internal injuries from the crash "which were not discoverable at the time of the traffic crash."

Groth died from the injuries Tuesday.

Police say the driver of the vehicle who was responsible for the crash got out of the vehicle and ran away.

Police say the department is investigating the report of a stolen vehicle, the same vehicle responsible for the crash. They are investigating the relationship between the driver and the stolen vehicle.