Medical Monday: Cardiomyopathy

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Cardiomyopathy is the medical term for a weakness of the heart. It can be caused by a blockage in the arteries or from a complication from a viral infection.

(Image Source: MGN)

Elaine Pfneisel was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy after suffering from shortness of breath.

"They ran tests and found that my heart was only working like 15-percent," said Pfneisel

Cardiologist Dr. Don Davis said it was crucial that Pfneisel get treated, "So you can imagine her heart is barely squeezing at all. That would cause all kinds of problems with her with weakness, tiredness, fatigue, swelling in her legs, shortness of breath."

According to Dr. Davis, cardiomyopathy can be caused by blocked arteries or from common viral infections that are seemingly harmless.

Pfneisel had no blockages, so she was treated with medications.

"The solution was to put her on a series of different medications, all of which have been proven through countless studies that we have that shows that these both improve your symptomology and improve your mortality. In other words, make you feel better and make you live longer," said Dr. Davis.

Pfneisel says she is now able to enjoy gardening and can even walk up and down steps without any problems.