Medical Monday: Robotic surgery for pediatric patients

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Robotic surgeries continue to advance,and this technology is now being used for surgeries on tiny patients. Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Michael Taylor says utilizing the da Vinci Robot for pediatric surgeries helps with precision.

“It allows me to get into that space and do that intricate surgery more precisely, more efficiently and in my opinion, less discomfort,” explained Dr. Taylor.

Dr. Taylor performed a surgery on two-year-old Rose using the robot. She was unable to keep food down, which caused her to reflux and not gain weight.

According to Dr. Taylor, “She had the surgery to wrap part of her stomach around her esophagus so that when the food gets into the stomach, it can’t come back up.”

Using the robot, Dr. Taylor was able to sit at a console and control the robotic arms. The surgery was a success.

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center now has the latest version of the da Vinci robot called the da Vinci XI. The benefit of this newer machine is that doctors can now work in more than one area of the body without having to undock the robot and re-set it up.