Mom says lifeguard told her not to breastfeed her baby at water park

KOKOMO, Ind. (WXIN/Tribune/CNN) - A mother of four is frustrated after she says a lifeguard at a water park told her she couldn’t breastfeed her baby boy there.

A mom doesn't buy the lifeguard's explanation about why he tried to stop her from breastfeeding at the pool. (Source: WXIN/Tribune/CNN)

The water park said the lifeguard was just worried about the baby’s safety.

“It doesn’t matter where you are, when your baby is hungry, you feed it,” said Kayla Britton. “That’s what you do as a parent.”

She is a mother of four, including baby Gatlin. Her clan recently spent a day at the Kokomo Beach Water Park.

“I was walking with my toddler from one end of the water park to the other, and I was told by a lifeguard that I was not allowed to feed my baby,” Britton said.

She said the lifeguard told her she should use the on-site breastfeeding room, but she said state law allows a mother to breastfeed anywhere the law allows her to be.

“It doesn’t matter who is around, who’s not around. I just said, ‘Uh no,’ and just kept on walking because I know my rights. I know the law,” Britton said.

In a statement, city officials say the lifeguard saw Britton walking through a pool breastfeeding the child. They feared the baby could ingest pool chemicals during the feeding.

She said she was at the water's edge.

“I’m well over 5 feet tall so I don’t think he could be exposed to pool water 5 feet above it,” Britton said.

She took to social media, sharing her story.

“I’m gonna say a good 98 percent of people are on my side,” Britton said.

She said her hope is that her story inspires other businesses to learn the rules.

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