Mother found guilty after 1-year-old daughter dies of fentanyl in sippy cup

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/CNN) - A mother in Pittsburgh has been found guilty in her daughter’s death after investigators say the 1-year-old died with enough fentanyl in her system to kill a large animal.

Charlette Napper-Tally, 1, was found unresponsive in her bed in April 2018. Fentanyl was in her system and in her sippy cup, which was on the little girl’s bed. (Source: Facebook/Pittsburgh Police/KDKA/CNN)

A jury found 23-year-old Jhenea Pratt guilty Tuesday of involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of children in the death of her infant daughter Charlette Napper-Tally.

Authorities say Pratt called 911 in April 2018 after finding 1-year-old Charlette unresponsive in their apartment. Fentanyl was found in Charlette’s system and in her sippy cup, which was on the little girl’s bed.

Officers performed CPR, and medics rushed Charlette to the children’s hospital, where she died.

Police say the amount of fentanyl found in the infant’s system was enough to kill a large animal.

In an interview with police, which took place several months after Charlette’s death, Pratt denied any knowledge of how the drug got into her daughter’s sippy cup.

A sentencing date for Pratt has not yet been set.

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