New Raptor system cross-checks Walton County school visitors

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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - When it comes to school safety, the Walton County School District is stepping up its game.

As of last week, getting on campus just became a lot more secure.

When walking onto a Walton County public school campus, visitors go through a series of security checks.

"They must go through our secure lobby system and then go through the Raptor system also. So before anyone can get in they have quite a few safety measures," said Walton Middle School Principal, Jeff Infinger.

The Raptor is the latest system upgrade to the school district.

"Raptor is a check-in system where we check all visitors that come in and make sure they meet the criteria to be here on campus," said Safety Chair for Walton County School District, Charlie Morse.

Already installed in 42 other counties across the state, Raptor checks Florida databases for any kind of red flags against those who may be trying to gain access to schools.

"It actually checks against that sexual offender check. It's the main purpose of that, and that's to meet the federal guidelines and laws in place," said Morse.

If an alert comes up, the principal, assistant principal, and school resource deputy are all immediately notified.

"I think it's an excellent idea. I think it's really good. I like the fact that it cross-references other counties about the sex offenders and stuff like that to ensure everybody is safe here at schools," James Ross, a parent who has a Walton County student said.

"It connects straight to the Walton County sheriff's department and if we have an issue or a hit on someone, the sheriff's department would be here to help us within minutes," said Infinger.

"It reassures us that there is a cross-reference, checking their ID and stuff like that where it makes it a lot easier and little safer," Ross added.

"It's very important to keep our kids safe in the schools and we don't want those type people in our schools and we don't want anything to happen to our kids. Safety is our number one priority in Walton County school district," Morse said.

The new Raptor system update has been installed at all 15 Walton County public schools in the district.