New animal additions to Zoo World

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Zoo World has some new additions to its family.

Zoo World welcomed a new porcupine last week, but Quilbert isn't the only new resident.

The zoo also has a baby warthog exhibit, corn snake hatchlings, alligators, and even a baby Aricari.

However, not all of Zoo World's baby animals are on display as some need constant care.

Quilbert is only two weeks old and it is necessary for him to be watched at all times.

"As they get older and require less care and less one-on-one time, then we start to bring them out and interact with our public as well, but because they do require special assistance when they're young, they're usually not on exhibit right away for people to see," Kayte Hogan, the Director of Zoo World, said.

Quilbert's parents are Quillary Clinton and Quilliam Scott and they have been at Zoo World for the past three years.

Quilbert should be open to the public within a few months.