New technology aids local fire district

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SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Some local first responders are now on the cutting edge with new technology.

Constantly looking for ways to improve their services to residents, South Walton Fire District is looking to a new program to help them all stay on the same page.

"So from top down, we'll all be on the same level of information as it's displayed on these screens so it's just a way for us help our members become more informed in their job," SWFD Fire Marshal Sammy Sanchez said.

Mounted in each one of their five stations, the Public Safety Information Network Program, also known as PSIN, uses a technological tool to provide important information throughout the district.

"What it is, it's a way... it enhances our internal communications with our members," said Sanchez. "So there will be no more missed e-mails or the message didn't get through."

The information, controlled through headquarters, will provide information such as training, weather updates, and department news.

"One of the big parts of this is it will auto-populate calls for them so, if they do get a call, it will generate the map on the screen for them," Sanchez explained. "It will populate call for them on the screen which will save time from them having to go to a map and read the real small fine print on a map."

Officials say this program will make their operation more efficient and hopefully reduce their response times during an emergency.

SWFD is one of the first agencies in Florida to utilize this new program.