No relief for hurricane victims during tax season

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - If you're a local who believes those impacted by Hurricane Michael should have some sort of relief when filing for their 2018 taxes, you're not alone.

Henry Dickens, a local, said, "One of my biggest concerns is that since we have so much devastation with Hurricane Michael, you would think the government would give us some type of tax break during the tax season."

As of right now, there's basically no relief being offered for Hurricane Michael survivors.

Nellie Horan, a tax preparer for VITA, said, "The only benefit is the IRS expedites refunds and they're noted that they are a victim of the hurricane so that their tax returns, they know amended returns will be coming, but there's no monetary benefit."

Congressman Neal Dunn is pushing for a bill helping Hurricane Michael victims, but only time will tell if the bill will pass.

"It'll reduce the taxable income and residents should see a refunds increase," said Horan.

If you're waiting to file your taxes in hopes of tax relief, experts say don't.

According to Horan, "They need to get their 2018 taxes returns filed on time and we can always amend the returns later on."

One piece of advice experts had to offer during this trying time is to keep notes of everything you spend out of pocket.