One man brings jobs to people in tents

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Justin Hosey came down from North Carolina after Hurricane Michael searching for work.

"I don't know anybody, I don't know this area at all," said Hosey.

But he does know what a good work ethic is.

"I got goals and objective I'm trying to meet and people I want to help take care of in the end, like everybody else," said Hosey.

So he's making an effort to put the work in, and find others who want to do the same.

"I search Craigslist, the groups that they post of Facebook for Lynn Haven, Panama City, whatever that people need work that they're posting. I find it, I come here, find whoever wants to work and that's willing and that's actually what they're here for, for that purpose and has the dedication, then we go work," said Hosey.

So every day Hosey comes to Tent City to find people with the same drive as him.

"I'm out here to clean up you know help all the people that lost they house and stuff," said Tent City resident, Zacchaeus Mosley.

Zacchaeus Mosley came from Alabama and has been living in Tent City for more than a month and Friday, Hosey helped him fulfill his purpose here.

"It made me feel like I'm important to the community by him coming to me an offering a job," said Mosley.

"My general goal, like everybody else, is to help people get somewhere in life and show people that not everybody's a bad guy," said Hosey.

Hosey says he's finding all sorts of jobs from demolition to tree cutting.