Parental consent for abortions awaiting House vote

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - The Florida House has more than 80 bills on its agenda. Perhaps the most controversial legislation it will consider requires a parent's consent for a minor to get an abortion.

Sponsor Erin Grall hopes the measure will deter some women from having abortions.

“My hope is that in conversations with families, girls are able to come up with alternatives to ending a life, so I think that there is that hope for me, that we will reduce abortions among minors,” said Representative Grall.

But Planned Parenthood says the legislation could make parents out of teens ill-equipped to have a child.

"You can’t legislate good family environments, right? So instead it delays a minor to access that care, putting them either later into pregnancy or denying them the ability to make that choice and leading them into a forced pregnancy,” said Kimberly Scott with Planned Parenthood.

The legislation has so far stalled in the Florida Senate, but it could be one of many bills that are resurrected in the session's final weeks as lawmakers in the House and Senate "horse trade" in the final days.