Parker residents and local leaders share vision for future of city

PARKER, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Parker isn't forgetting the damage done by Hurricane Michael but they are looking toward what improvements they can make as the recovery process moves along and that means helping residential areas as well.

Parker Mayor Rich Musgrave said, "If you do it right, it's going to mean an increase in property values which is not a bad thing for any residents in the city."

City officials say they want to make improvements to the Parker sports complex.

Musgrave added, "The big sports park across the street has been used as our staging area for all our debris hauling. So, it's in pretty messed up shape now but they have to give it back to us as a green space. We'll probably have at least one soccer or football field but we want to hear from citizens what they want to see."

Residents say they want to see less destruction with Kathleen O'Brien saying, "Overall driving around the city I would like to see the buildings that are not going to be rebuilt because they're in such poor condition, I would like to see those removed."

The city wants to help out its military members as well.

Musgrave said, "I'd love to see a new hotel come into the community because we are adjacent to Tyndall Air Force Base, Tyndall has it's own housing problems so if we could provide some temporary housing for those coming in for training and everything else, that would solidify our relationship even more than it already has."

Officials and locals say, building a better Parker will be a total community effort.

O'Brien said, "Everybody's got to put their two cents in and try to help each other out," with Musgrave adding, "Parker is a great place to come home to, it's something to be proud of."