Rare breed finds temporary shelter at Alaqua Animal Refuge

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FREEPORT, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - One of the rarest dogs in the world has made it's way to a local animal refuge.

One of only a hundred in the United States, Misty Woo is a Thai Ridgeback that was recently surrendered to Alaqua Animal Refuge.

Out of concern for the dog's wellbeing, a family member of the dog's owner asked for help when it came to finding a better home for the 13-year-old Ridgeback, that's when Laurie Hood at Alaqua Animal Refuge got the call sparking her curiosity into the breed's background.

"Very interesting. [I] found out it's the official dog of Thailand. They were depicted on cave drawings back 3,000 years ago and so they are a very unique breed. They were originally bred to kill cobras which I thought was very interesting," Hood said.

Hood said immediately after posting to social media they took in Misty Woo, family and friends close to the dog reached out to foster and eventually adopt her permanently.

Hood also mentioned that they get all types of dogs that come through their shelter, from mutts to full breeds, so next time you're searching for a new companion, she asks you to check out your local shelter first.