Representative Dunn shares his initial reaction to statement about Tyndall shutdown

Panama City, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Rebuilding Tyndall Air Force Base might not be the best idea; that's according to one California congressman.

Representative John Garamendi is chairman of the House Armed Services Committee subpanel on readiness.

During a House subcommittee this week on Capitol Hill, the representative questioned whether it made sense to rebuild the base saying, "It is in harm's way now. It has been in the past, and it will be in the future."

Friday, Congressman Neal Dunn shared his reactions to Garamendi's statements saying, "I think there were some explosive words but basically I know that this is malarkey and what I'd like to do is have you help me share with the public that these kinds of comments are irresponsible and wrong."

In a written statement Dunn added there are no serious threats of closing Tyndall and that he categorically refutes Representative Garamendi's statements.