Road projects to keep an eye on in 2018

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - New year's resolutions aren't the only things getting started in 2018; some major road projects are also set to be underway.

Two phases of the Highway 390 widening plans will be hitting the road this Fall. The roughly $90 million project has already begun it's the first phase of widening from Baldwin Road to Jenks Avenue.

The second phase will start from Jenks Avenue to State Road 77 and the final one from 23rd Street to Baldwin Road, overall widening 390 from two to six lanes.

Another project set to go in a new direction this year is the widening of Highway 388.

"We're going to start with a small segment first near the airport. We'll also be putting in a large round-a-bout at the airport, that will be beginning in 2018," Florida Department of Transportation Spokesperson Ian Satter said.

The major roadway will be turning from two lanes to four lanes all the way from State Road 79 to State Road 77.

"Just keep in mind of changing road patterns and workers on the roadway," Satter advised.

One last project that has high priority in 2018 is a new flyover at Tyndall Air Force Base. Construction there is set to begin in the fall as construction on the 23rd Street flyover continues.

All of the projects are being done in hopes of easing traffic and making the roadways safer.

Some of the projects that are set to be completed in 2018 include resurfacing parts of U.S. 98 and installing a new signal at Cauley Avenue on Back Beach Road.