Ron DeSantis becomes the 46th Governor of Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - Inaugural festivities got off to an early start Tuesday morning at the State Capitol, where a new governor and state leadership is bringing a new sense of hope to the political landscape.

Doors to the inaugural prayer breakfast opened at 6:45 a.m.

“We ask that you bless Governor-elect DeSantis,” prayed Pastor Todd Mullins.

Hours later, a bright sun greeted the 46th Governor. It was the warmest inauguration since at least 1971.

Snipers on rooftops and police drones added security.

Also on display, newly elected Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried’s nervousness, lifting the wrong hand to swear in, spurring laughter from both Fried and the audience.

At High Noon, it was Ron DeSantis’ turn.

His oath was followed by the traditional salute of cannon fire and a flyover from a group of F-15 jets.

In a relatively short inaugural address, the new Governor made it clear fixing the state's water woes was near the top of the agenda.

“It doesn’t just drive tourism, it affects property values. It anchors many local economies,” said DeSantis.

With a nod to his congressional background, he sought a partnership with the state legislature.

“As a recovering Congressman, I understand and respect the powers afforded to the legislative branch,” said DeSantis.

It was his son who stole the show when it was over.

DeSantis chose not to forgo the traditional parade, baptizing his son instead at the Governor’s mansion with water they personally brought back from Israel.

The new Governor promised to hit the ground running. Wednesday he makes the first of three Supreme Court appointments.

During his address, the new Governor also promised to embrace school choice, block sanctuary cities, and use his power to remove local officials who haven’t done their job, including officials who he believes botched the election.