School officials: "No credible threat for Bay High School or any other school"

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (PRESS RELEASE) - The following information was sent to us from the Director of Communications for Bay District Schools on Thursday, April 11, 2019:

Late yesterday afternoon, we received an anonymous tip that a weapon was on campus in a Bay High School student's backpack. Law enforcement officials were immediately notified, the student was located and the weapon found. The weapon was not loaded and no ammunition was found. The student was turned over to law enforcement officials who arrested him.

We know that this situation is every parent's nightmare these days and we do not underestimate the stress that parental notification brings in cases like this. However, we believe that parents have a right to know and we strive to operate as transparently as possible. Therefore, as soon as we were notified about this event, we made an IRIS alert to parents and posted the information to our various social media accounts.

We commend the person who made the anonymous report. We are all only as safe as our students and other stakeholders help us to be. In this case, "see something, say something" played an integral role in alerting us to a potentially dangerous situation. We encourage all parents to use this opportunity to talk to their children about the importance of "see something, say something" and about the serious consequences of bringing a weapon to school.

We'd also like to reassure parents that we know of no credible threat for any of our schools. There are some rumors that seem to be associated with yesterday's arrest and law enforcement officers and school officials spent the better part of today interviewing students regarding those unsubstantiated rumors. At this point, there is no credible threat for Bay High School or any other school.

Student safety is our number one priority and we will continue to fully investigate, with law enforcement's assistance as needed, every single threat related to the safety of our students. These situations are alarming to our students, our parents and our employees and we continue to beseech students NOT to make threats, bring weapons to school or involve themselves in any situations that can have drastic short- and long-term consequences.