Seaside Institute hosts symposium on rebuilding communities after a natural disaster

SEASIDE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - After Hurricane Michael, many businesses and areas have the potential to build back better than they were before.

The symposium will wrap up Monday evening. (WJHG/WECP)

Sunday, Walton County locals and some from around the country learned how to rebuild their communities in the wake of a natural disaster.

Sunday morning kicked off day two of a three-day symposium hosted by the Seaside Institute aimed at helping communities rebuild and recover after a natural disaster like Hurricane Michael.

Beth Carr, the Executive Director for the Seaside Institute said, "The focus is to ensure that we are coming together to understand the process of recovery, the components of recovery, and them how to implement that recovery."

Each day of the symposium focuses on a different aspect of rebuilding a community after a natural disaster from the economic side all the way to the local government.

Carr added, "We have Mayor Joe Riley who will be our final speaker on Monday. He rebuilt Charleston after Hugo. These are people with experience, these are people who have done it and know how to do it."

Over the course of the symposium, those attending will hear from speakers from around the world on challenges and solutions that come with recovery.

Organizers say the lessons learned can be applied across the panhandle.

"With Mexico Beach and Lynn Haven and Callaway being affected the way they have been, although they're in Bay County, we're neighbors, said Carr, "We have to come together and help each other."

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