Second lawsuit filed against House Bill 7069

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - According to Franklin Harrison, Bay District School Board Attorney, a second lawsuit was filed by the school districts involved in House Bill 7069 litigation Monday.

In October, we told you the first complaint was filed in the Second Judicial Circuit in Leon County.

This new lawsuit, as Harrison explained, claims the entire bill is unconstitutional, not just individual provisions.

He said he hopes this new lawsuit will expedite the process of having the Florida Supreme Court look at the complaint.

"If we can get the Supreme Court now to look at it and if we're wrong, we're wrong, and okay we'll go somewhere else. If we're right, then let's go ahead and get it done and let the Legislature to come back in session. They can look at these individual provisions and make decisions on them, like the legislative process should go forward," Harrison said.

One of the main concerns of Bay District School Board members is that HB 7069 takes decision-making power away from local school boards.

For instance, as Harrison explained in an October interview, the bill would take away the option of sharing money from the capital outlay tax with charter schools if deemed necessary.

He said it would become mandatory to share the tax funding with charter schools, regardless of public input.

The tax is used to fund construction and other school district projects.