ShandsCair comes to Bay High for Leadership Development course

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Students at a local high school got a chance to get some hands-on experience towards a possible career path.

Students from Bay High School's Leadership Development course got a chance to interact with a crew from ShandsCair air ambulance service.

Students got to see what EMT crews along with medical crews on the air ambulance do in case of a local disaster or accident. Events like this contribute to the decision-making process that students must go through as they get nearer to graduation.

This program demonstrates the role of medical personnel and first responders.

Bay High Leadership Development teacher Vern Barth added, "We do different activities throughout the year. This particular group comes once a year as part of the health occupations courses."

ShandsCair is the primary provider of air ambulance services to Bay Medical Center and has bases located in Gainesville, Summerfield, Perry, Panama City, and Milton, Florida.