Sheriff's office rescues neglected puppy in Franklin County

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - In between fighting crime, the Franklin County Sheriff's office is saving lives, including the lives of our furry friends.

Sheriff AJ Smith said deputies found and rescued a one-year-old black bulldog-lab mix who was chained to a utility pole in Eastpoint.

"She was extremely abused, I mean, to the degree that her head was almost severed by this collar and this chain that she was tied to for who knows how long," Sheriff Smith said.

A doctor from the Apalachicola Bay Animal Clinic said the dog, named Mia, was at risk of life threatening injuries if she didn't get immediate care.

"Everyday she was there, she was laying in pain," Veterinarian Dr. Hobson Fulmer said. "We sedated her, cleaned up the wounds, got her on antibiotics."

While the Franklin County Sheriff's Office works on enforcing consequences for people who mistreat animals, the county's adoption center is working on finding Mia a new home.

"She is very bubbly, she has got one-of-a-kind personality, she is so friendly, she's more, I'd say more of a people person and we're just looking for a home," Franklin County Humane Society Animal Tech Jennifer Page said.

Sheriff Smith said Mia's previous caretaker is facing animal cruelty charges.

If you're interested in adopting Mia, visit the Franklin County Humane Society or, fill out an application and show Mia some love.