Social Distancing a key to fighting the COVID-19 outbreak

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The term "social distancing" has become a buzzword during the Coronavirus crisis, but there seems to be some confusion about the importance of maintaining your distance from others during this time.

Social distancing statistics (WJHG)

By reducing your contact with other people by half, you are helping reduce up to 406 people infected to just 15 people over 30 days. That number falls to 2.5 people over 30 days if you reduce contact by 75%. Of course this all feeds back into the concept of flattening the curve, which is essential in order to keep the hospital system from being overwhelmed.

"It's time to be cautious," said Dr. Dhvanit Vijapura. "Right now is the time. Whatever we do today is gonna give back tenfold, maybe a lot more than tenfold. Think about 2.5 people vs 400 people. So we're gonna be reaping the benefit more than 100 times of what we do today."

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