State lawmakers propose bill to combat raw sewage spills

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - More than two billion gallons of raw sewage have spilled into Florida waterways over the last ten years.

Fed up state lawmakers have a bill that would require cities to spend two dollars for every gallon spill on repairs.

Sponsor State Senator Joe Gruters said the current system is ridiculous and has helped increase the risk of red tide.

"Red tide. It's been proven that man-made pollution contributes to the intensification of red tide. And the cause is all of us. Everybody who lives in Florida is part of the cause, but you can't overlook and ignore when billions of gallons of raw sewage is dumped into our waterways on a consistent basis," he said.

Sponsors said most county commissions would rather spend money on parks or other projects because fixing sewer leaks doesn't get them a photo opportunity.