Sunday Morning Forecast

Good Saturday evening everyone.

Meteorologist Ryan Michaels says there may be a little patchy dense fog or low clouds starting off our Sunday.

It's a quiet night over the Panhandle as we'll see mostly to partly clear skies tonight. But some developing patchy fog will be expected overnight and into early Sunday morning.

Otherwise, we saw a toasty day in NWFL with highs approaching 90° inland this afternoon and low 80s on the coast with partly to mostly sunny skies. Temperatures will gradually fall into the 70s for the evening with overnight lows reaching the upper 60s in some inland locations. With dew points in the upper 60s for many of us, that will lead toward some patchy dense fog. However, we'll have a light wind overnight preventing the fog from becoming too widespread or thick. Most likely we'll wind up with a bit of a mostly cloudy start for most of NWFL heading into Sunday morning.

Skies will turn partly sunny through the day tomorrow and we'll see more heat heading our way in the afternoon. Forecast highs return to the upper 80s near 90 inland to the low 80s on the coast.

A weak cold front heads into the Southeast tomorrow. But we'll likely see this front breakdown before bringing any rain chances to NWFL. Otherwise, it's a less than 10% chance a stray shower slips inland late in the day.

This frontal boundary will be of little effect as temperatures only take a small dip into the low 80s for highs Monday and Tuesday. However, by then we'll be tracking another area of low pressure moving through the Southeast with a chance for not only bringing much needed rain to the Panhandle, but also a shot at some strong or severe thunderstorms. So we'll need to be weather aware next Tuesday.

The good news is that front brings temperatures down to a more seasonal feel for April as we'll drop into the mid 70s for the rest of the work week.

Bottom Line...
For tonight, partly cloudy skies with some patchy dense fog developing by the morning. Lows reach the upper 60s inland to low 70s on the coast. We'll see mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning after any fog lifts out by 8am. Skies turn partly sunny through the day tomorrow with more heat as highs return to the upper 80s near 90 inland to the low 80s on the coast with slightly breezy southerly winds. Your 7 Day Forecast keeps us running above average but down a few degrees heading into the early week ahead with our next best chance for showers and some strong thunderstorms on Tuesday.

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