TGIF Forecast!

Good Friday morning everyone!

It's a quiet start on VIPIR 7 Doppler Radar but we're covered in clouds. They are creating some light rain patches, but most is evaporating before it hits the ground and moving out quickly to the north. We'll only have a small chance at a light stray shower through the rest of the day.

Temperatures are cool in the 50s for most to start out the Morning Drive. And we'll have decent temps this afternoon under the clouds that will hang tough in our skies all day. Highs today will reach back up to the mid to upper 60s.

It's a warm front moving north out of the Gulf that will help temperatures stay mild even under the clouds today. It should pass north overnight and that will more than likely lead to a quiet start to our Saturday morning. There may be a few widely scattered, light, stray showers that develop in the morning in the warm, moist southerly flow behind the front, and even some areas of fog or mist to start the day. However, we don't have a substantial lifting mechanism to generate widespread showers until the afternoon and evening.

So rain chances will be increasing as our Saturday wears on, and the rain will become more likely later in the day on into the evening. Another cold front is heading south at the same time this weekend, and this slow moving frontal boundary will lead to several days of unsettled weather. Sunday will more than likely see periods of rain showers, gradually becoming fewer through Monday, and tapering off into Tuesday of next week.

We'll have the potential to pick up about 1 to 3 inches when all is said and done by next week.

Bottom Line...
For today, cloudy skies with a stray afternoon or evening shower possible and seasonally mild highs in the mid to upper 60s. Your VIPIR 7 Day Forecast will build rain chances throughout the day on Saturday eventually leading to a wet one on Sunday.