TGIF Forecast!

Good Friday morning everyone and TGIF!

Meteorologist Ryan Michaels shows us what we can expect in today's forecast.

It's an active start on radar over the Forgotten Coast with a few scattered showers and storms. Otherwise, we do have a bit of cloud cover working through our skies, but they won't be enough to block out the sunshine completely. So grab the shades and something comfy to wear, only some of us will need the umbrellas today. Keep reading to find out where!

Temperatures are warm and humid still in the mid to upper 70s for most out the door. We'll still have another toasty afternoon ahead with 90s likely for most, low 90s on the coast to mid to upper 90s inland. However, some of us to the west of Highway 231 may get a slight break from the humidity! Dew points will try to dip into the less humid upper 60s by the afternoon as our frontal boundary slides further into the Panhandle. While that drier air may help to heat up temperatures inland into the upper 90s, the heat index will only reach the low triple digits. Coastal heat indices also reach the low triple digits as humidity on the coast stays high. So a bit of a catch-22, and all things considered, it'll still be a hot day so stay hydrated and find shade when you can.

As for rain chances today, the front is expected to stall out around the Highway 231 corridor. So I expect to see our rain chances where we have more moisture and lift and that would be east of Highway 231 and south of Highway 20. We'll see some scattered storms develop through the afternoon and early evening, nothing to ruin any plans over, but may last a half hour to an hour.

This front doesn't move too much heading into the weekend. Saturday looks to shape up pretty similarly to what we have today, if not a couple more storms around or just west of Hwy231. However, by Sunday, we'll see this stationary front waver back up to South Alabama as southerly winds push it north. That will open up more moisture to return to more of the Panhandle. With lift from the front as well as daytime heating, I expect it to be a bit unsettled with widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially by the afternoon. But I don't think it will be enough to create more than an hour break if you catch a storm.

Bottom Line...
For today, mostly to partly sunny skies and still hot with only a few scattered storms developing along and east of of a line from Panama City to Marianna. Highs today reach the mid 90s inland to the low 90s on the coast with a feels like temperature in the low triple digits. Your 7 Day Forecast shows a fairly similar day ahead for Saturday and a bit more of an unsettled day on Sunday with widespread scattered storms.

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