Tanya's Garden working to grow after Hurricane Michael

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - If you're driving down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Panama City, you might not notice the diamond in the rough lying beside the signs.

"If you really want fresh farm vegetables, then this is the place to come," said one Panama City resident.

For the past 28 years, Tanya and Harold Thurman have provided a gateway for locals and visitors to get farm-to-table food.

"Whenever things are in season, we grow it ourselves. Everything's local or from farms in Georgia and Alabama," said Tanya.

But things changed when Hurricane Michael Hit.

"We didn't have any insurance and we lost everything in our freezers and coolers and walk-in coolers," said Tanya.

"It didn't only hurt here, it hurt right through to the farming belt in Georgia and Alabama. It sort of set everybody way back," said Harold.

"Oh baby, several thousand dollars that we lost," said Tanya.

But the Thurmans are getting Tanya's Garden back on its feet. By April, they're planning on having organic blueberries, green peanuts, butter beans, and so much more; all right from their farm.

"Little by little we're bringing our inventory up on a daily basis," said Tanya.

The roots of this garden run deep in the community. Now their loyal customers are helping this garden grow.

"It's kinda slow now, but my loyal customers are keeping me going thanks to Facebook," said Tanya.

"If you want good vegetables, you're gonna come here. I mean, that's just the way of life," said one local.

And just like a garden, Tanya's Garden has seen local lives grow over the years.

"I've got children that they were babies and they've grown up with me, their parents and grandparents shopping with me," said Tanya.

Giving the Thurmans the same devotion from the community that they put into their crops.

"It means a lot, you know. We work at it and work hard at it to have some fresh stuff, you know," said Harold.

"It's taken me all these years to be here, but be there for them and be kind and be loyal, and I've built myself up a good reputation I think," said Tanya.

As they sell more produce, the couple hopes to make enough money to repair their building and fix remaining hurricane damage, determined to continue bringing the farm to Panama City for many years to come.

Tanya's Garden is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.