The consequences of student arrests after threats are made

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - After a string of student arrests in the Panhandle, parents and students may have concerns as to what happens to the students making threats.

School leaders we spoke to said if students are arrested for making threats, they will most likely be suspended or expelled.

"If they say something, then we're going to deal with what they say and the actions they're talking about doing and we're not going to let them back in school like that. We want them to go to jail, get arrested, and let the legal system work with them and then we'll deal with them punishment-wise as far as where we go. I would be willing to say most of these kids, if not all of them, will most likely be placed in other schools and/or be expelled," Bill Husfelt, Superintendent of Bay District Schools said.

Sharon Michalik, the Director of Communications for Bay District Schools, said if a student is arrested, that student will be suspended pending the outcome of the student's criminal case or determination of "alternative placement."

Britt Smith, Principal of Jinks Middle School said if a student makes a threat and there is documentation and evidence, the student would face consequences including suspension, especially if the student is arrested.

"But the bottom line is if a student is going to make threats against the school or against people at the school, they're not going to be allowed back," Smith said.

Husfelt said he does not want students to live in fear. He believes if people follow "see something, say something," it will help keep schools safe.

"We pay attention to it. Our sheriff's department and Mike Jones' staff and the police department in Panama City, they're investigating these, they're talking to families, they're going to the homes. They're making sure that they turn over every rock and make sure we keep our schools safe," Husfelt said.

He told us the district will not ignore school threats.