Thursday Forecast - Cold, Raw, & Rainy

Good Thursday morning everyone!

It's a quieter start this morning on VIPIR7 Doppler Radar under cloudy skies, we only have a few small light sprinkles.

It is downright cold, blustery, and raw in NWFL this morning! We're waking up in the 40s with wind chills in 30s for most. Bundle up, as we'll be cold all day with more rain on the way. Highs today will struggle in many spots to reach 50 degrees. Best chance to see 50s for an hour or so this afternoon will be on the coast, specifically the Forgotten Coast from Mexico Beach east. Just about everyone's day, with the exception of that hour or so on the coast, will be spent in the cold 40s.

More of this chilly air continues to filter in on breezy northerly winds heading into the weekend. Rain will be moving through the area as well, and by this afternoon it's looking to be more on than off. Potential for another 1-2" of rain will fall through late Friday night.

The air isn't cold enough in the first several thousand feet of the atmosphere from the ground up to support any frozen precipitation in NWFL. However, from about 5 thousand feet to 15 thousand, temperatures will be cold enough around the I-10 corridor and north to possibly create some sleet or a light snow. But once it falls in the relatively warmer air closer to the ground it will be melting. No accumulations on the ground are expected since temperatures will not be cold enough.

Bottom Line...
For today, cloudy skies with rain. Temps will be cold and struggle to reach 50 on the coast upper 40s inland with a blustery north wind. Your VIPIR7 Day forecast will keep us running on the cold side through the weekend, but we should get some sunshine to return by Saturday.